"Letters to Jeff Bezos" in HOT OFF THE PRESS by The Los Angeles Women's Theatre Festival June 2023.

A Recent Production:
Susan Hansell's "Who Will Witness for the Witness" produced by The St. Louis Actors' Studio for the 2022 Labute New Play Festival at the Gaslight Theater, July 8 - 31, 2022.

Snoop's Theatre Thoughts on “Who Will Witness For the Witness”

This is another strong entry in the festival, with a focus on women from history that you may or may not have heard of, and an infamous, horrific, and tragic event that is well known. Told in a narrative style, first presented by a photojournalist character identified in the program as “Woman 1” (Jaelyn Hawkins) and then intertwining with the stories of Woman 2 (Mara Bollini), a philosopher, mystic, and activist; Woman 3 (*Bryn Mclaughlin), a resistance fighter; and Woman 4 (Missy Heinemann), a Catholic convert and nun. All are essentially contemporaries, standing up against atrocities and injustice, mostly revolving around World War II and specifically the Holocaust. This is an intense play, with a strong sense of story and character, as these historical figures tell their tales and implore the audience never to forget. There’s a lot here, but it’s a well constructed story, making a profound, emotional impression. This is a remarkable production. 

St. Louis Actors’ Studio is presenting Part 2 of the LaBute New Theater Festival at the Gaslight Theater until July 31, 2022

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