AMERICAN ROSE.  90 minutes.  An ensemble cast portrays the changing lives of five diverse American women, all of whom enter war production workplaces and wartime situations during the 1940s.  Their stories are juxtaposed with additional roles iconic of U.S. female individuals from the WWII period.  American Rose was commissioned by Sightlines Theatre Company, produced in 1997 at The Ohio Theatre in New York City, and the original script received honorable mention in the 1998 Jane Chambers National Playwriting Competition.  Large female ensemble.

AN OCEAN OF BEES.  60 minutes in two acts or 30 minutes in one act.  It's a post-apocalyptic future.  The earth and its resources have collapsed.  Civilizations have perished.  Four characters remain to represent the human species.  Who are these people?  How will they live?  What will they do?  Will they know our history?  Will they find their own humanity?  Available in one-act and two-act lengths. For 2 females, 2 males.  A physical comedy-drama send-up of our current world and its contemporary cultural values.

EVERY CONCENTRATED FRAGMENT.  75 minutes or 95 minutes.  In the full-length versions of this play, four actors create multiple roles in an examination of the pressures placed on intellectuals, artists, and ordinary citizens who live in extraordinary times.  In Part One, the actors come alive as under-appreciated historical personages faced with decisions of monumental significance during the 1930s.  In Part Two, the actors become French female Partisan resisters arrested on the eve of the Paris deportations during WWII.  In Part Three, the actors step outside the characters they have created in order to make a contemporary contribution to the period drama they are about to stage.  4 females.

EVERY CONCENTRATED FRAGMENT.  30 minutes or 45 minutes.  Both one-act versions of this play explore the relationships, lives, and the life-outcomes of four factually-based French female Partisan resisters arrested on the eve of the Paris deportations during WWII.  4 females.

IN THE BEGINNING...  10 minutes.  In the Garden of Eden... Redux.  1 female, 1 male.

LITTLE KINGS.  45 minutes.  Five family members exist as present-day fractured-fairy-tale-versions of characters from KING LEAR, via an originally conceived satire that sends-up 400 years of human civilization and family history -- a hilarious and thought-provoking tour de force.  2 female, 2 males, 1 of either.  First published in OASIS 10.1 Jan.-Mar. 2002.

MAN + WOMAN = LUV FOR REALS.  10 minutes.  One Everyman and one Everywoman share a table for two and get to know each other.  1 female, 1 male.

MARY MARY.  15 minutes.  A holiday-themed speed-play presented in 3 vivid snapshot flash-acts.  Each act is set in the same suburban California family home at Christmas Dinner; each dinner takes place in a different, consecutive decade.  3 females, 2 males.  Published in INFLATABLE MAGAZINE Winter 1999.

MY MEDEA.  90 minutes.  A vibrant, accessible, and relevant re-telling of MEDEA, imbued with current events cut from the American landscape.  My Medea was a selection of THE BEST AMERICAN SHORT PLAYS 1996-1997 (Applause), and premiered in production at the Players Theatre division of Cal Rep in 2005.  Large ensemble, both males and females.

ROLLOVER OTHELLO.  15 minutes.  A stylized satire that achieves an emotional wallop, Rollover Othello presents Oth, Desdie and I., who find themselves (and each other) in a contemporary police house, where they "talk" over their various consummations and conflicts.  Nominated for a Pushcart Prize as first published in OASIS.  1 female, 2 males.

WAITING FOR A TABLE AT THE GARDEN OF EDEN.  100 minutes.  Contemporary versions of Adam and Eve are placed in the Here and the Now among the events and temptations that distract us from our higher plans and purposes.  Two actors explore this tragicomic world through original uses of language and send-up scenes, in a play that pokes fun at all our inspired questions, including:  Is a happy ending even possible for the progenitors of the human race?  1 female, 1 male.  Three stand-alone short excerpts from this play are available as 10-minute plays.

WE ARE ALL DICK 3.  50 minutes.  Two actors present their love/history mash-up by way of re-imagined RICHARD THE THIRD material, with romantic subplots and cultural machinations spun from the current news and entertainment factories.  A stand-alone compressed-comedy-drama of warring-yet-peace-making female/male relationships composed as a classic 60-minute one-act play.  Published originally in OASIS 11.3 Oct.-Dec. 2003.  1 female, 1 male.

WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE?  60 minutes.  In a poignant comedy, two new friends, both originally from the East Coast and recently relocated to Southern California, search for an affordable Emergency Room on the Eve of 9/11.  A naturalistic and classical one-act, What Do We Have Here? can be staged with as few as 3 actors or as many as an ensemble, if desired, of any ethnicity, with 2 females and 1 male required at minimum.

14 LADIES IN HATS.  90 minute character series that explores the tension between expression and repression in the lives of contemporary American women and girls.  Produced at Centerspace Studio Theatre in Project Artaud, San Francisco; two excerpts ("Don't" and "Affair on the Air") published in MORE MONOLOGUES FOR WOMEN BY WOMEN (Heinemann); several excerpts performed live by the author are available on YouTube; one excerpt ("Drop it") recorded live as performed by the author at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and available on video from the Poetry Center of San Francisico State University.

The above texts are available from <> and through the New Play Exchange National New Play Network.